Kundalini Yoga: Power of Manifestation

01.05.2016 Arts & Culture
Taylor Eyewalker
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Have you ever thought about something so much, that it became true? It may not have gone the way you planned, maybe it was something you were worried about, or maybe it went exactly as you’d hoped. Either way, it all stems back to our thoughts and the words we choose to speak.

Our ultimate desire is for our words to manifest. From thoughts to words to actions. Practicing this particular meditation and mantra will enable you to find clarity in your sound current and the words you speak. As you practice this mantra, your words will have a larger projection, creating more of what you would like to see in the world.

The task at hand becomes clarity. Clarity doesn’t have to mean you know all the details of how you wish to see your reality manifest. It simply means that if your vision is clear, all the pieces will come together perfectly. After getting clear last week with Danielle Beinstein’s intention setting meditation, you are now ready for complete surrender. The power of manifestation is found in surrendering and letting go of control. As long as we create a relationship with life’s polarity, manifestation and the magic of existence will be present in real time, happening right in front of you.

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