Guided Meditation: The Beginner’s Mind

01.26.2016 Arts & Culture
Danielle Beinstein
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So often we show up with preconceived notions, of situations, of people, of experiences. We all do it. It’s part of being human. But meditation helps to quiet that voice, that one that keeps us stuck in old patterns. The more we notice our thoughts, the less likely we are to be ruled by them. We tune into our inner wisdom more often. We listen deep within and, when appropriate, veto the committee of naysayers in our head. We learn to operate with beginner’s mind, freeing us to see the world anew.

This meditation offers an opportunity to reset and to trust in the unfolding, all while tuning in to our limitless possibility. So find a comfortable seated position, dim the lights if you can, and listen in.

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