David Aragon is an artist and photographer based in the midwest.  Recently, David has been exploring other avenues of self-expression through the means of his recent publication “29”, a book of short poems and abstract paintings.  

David and I met while studying Raw, Plant Based Cuisine at Matthew Kenney Culinary. We became close friends and shared many memories. His presence is exhilarating in an interesting way. Though he seems reserved, being surrounded by his energy is enough to make you laugh and giggle for hours- a high on life experience. Turn back the clock to those childhood days when you were just naturally happy and overflowing with joy and creativity. That’s what it feels like to spend time and have the privilege to work with David.

David Aragon is a radical visionary, a true friend, and an inspiring leader in anything he chooses to do. Find out what is elevating his life right now. Get ready to have your mind blown.

  1. Marine Phytoplankton:  This is my go-to supplement.  I love the taste of it and it feels so incredibly nourishing.  I add it to my water 3 times a day, sometimes more.  
  1. Lucid Dreaming: I’ve always been interested in dreams. It seems like there is so much untapped potential in this realm.  I’ve been spending a lot of energy in training myself to lucid dream — which has made my engagement to waking state much more personal and interesting.  The majority of the training is awakening in our own lives, asking yourself “am I in a dream right now?”  Often times, dreams feel so real that we don’t know they are happening…but when we watch closely at life, we can begin to notice incongruences factors in our dreams.
  1. Vanity by Arca: His music is so unique and for the most part pretty challenging to listen to. The videos he puts out are extremely intimate, lo-fi pieces.  His creations are in his own world.  It’s dirty and scary, but they’re so interesting and cathartic that you can’t look away. I really admire him as an artist.
  1. Arch of Hysteria by Louise Bourgeois:  I recently had the great luxury of seeing this bronze piece in person at the Picasso Museum in Spain.  It just hangs in the center of the room and it’s presence is enchanting.
  2. “40 Poems by Walter Mongin” Book:  Walter’s the sweetest human and an incredible poet.  It’s really great to be able to consume material from someone you know personally.
  1. Rose Otto Essential Oil by Living Libations:  This oil is life-changing. Imagine being gently laid down in a dewy castle of flowers with the sun shining on your cheeks.
  1. Green Scarf by Dear Henry Owen:  I met Robert, the co-creator (along with his boyfriend, Patrick) of Dear Henry Owen through Instagram.  We had been mutually engaging in each other’s work and decided on doing a barter. I made him an organic botanical perfume and he knit this ridiculously intricate and beautiful scarf. Although the internet can definitely feel segregating — it also allows us to engage with people in ways that were previously unimaginable.
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