We first met Shiva while on a Kundalini retreat in Kauai. She led us through a DIY beauty workshop where we made our own lip balms and sugar scrubs with therapeutic essential oils and coconut butter. We spent time with her two girls in an intimate setting. Shiva guided us into meditation and held space like we’ve never felt before. She is a mentor to all women regardless of age, and reminds us to express our femininity. Her devotion to living a holistic lifestyle and insightful wisdom inspires us to live with intention.

We asked Shiva to share with us what is elevating her life right now, and couldn’t help but fall in love with her all over again. You don’t want to miss her recommendations. To find out more about living a conscious life, visit her blog The Local Rose. You can also purchase her beauty products at Shiva Rose. Our favorite shop items are her glow balm and toxic-free coconut candles made with rose, agar wood and vanilla.

1. Living Tea– teas like Forest Floor and Indian Summer. These teas are from Old growth trees that haven’t been processed or tampered with. When you sit in silence, and drink the tea, you feel the healing and magic of the plant kingdom take root within your soul. I start off each morning with my tea and meditation.

2. Kundalini mantras. I play these constantly in my home and car. I feel the energy around me becoming activated with these healing mantras. There are various ones like Triple Mantra, Rakhay Rakhanahaar, and Ra Ma Da Sa.

3. With this dry weather, I nourish my skin with my face oil serum and either Nectar or Venus Amber Body oil. These are high quality oils that are made with love and smell divine.

4. I love the incense and incense holder by Emily L’Ami. Her line Bodha is chic and modern and uses high quality ingredients. I like to light the incense before creating my products, to cleanse energy or before meditation.

5. Castor oil for my eye brows and eyelashes. This is a natural non toxic way to keep them lustrous, thick and healthy. Heritage Store Organic Castor Oil is a great source.

6. I like to wear clothes that are designed or made my friends. At the moment, I am loving hand dyed dresses by Golddust Dresses and Lookout Wonderland. They have collaborated on a line of naturally dyed silk dresses that are heavenly to wear. I also love my friend Jaclyn’s exquisite dresses made all by natural fibers.

7. Dental Care products by Ascended Health. These high vibrational products have really helped my teeth and gums.

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