Mckenna and I met in college when we randomly became dorm room roommates at Oregon State University. We immediately became best friends- both vegetarian yogis eager to start our own business. We spent hours brainstorming our vegan baked good business or our little food stand we wanted to set up after hours when the bars closed down.

Little did we know we would stay lifelong friends, and both reside in Southern California, continuing on a similar path. One of my best friends and soon to be Bridesmaid at my wedding, Mckenna has inspired me in so many ways and I am so happy to share with you about her. I hope you will be able to track her down and check out her next vision board workshop in LA.

In her vision board workshops, McKenna works with students to set clear intentions – first and foremost. She believes that setting clear and measurable goals is important in reaching physical goals, however, for a more fulfilled and well-rounded life, staying flexible is vital. Intention setting is the most impactful part of the process in manifesting one’s ideal experience of living.

Originally from Portland, Oregon, McKenna trained in Vision & Goal coaching while working as a community leader for lululemon athletica. She currently works as a Social Media Strategist for the Santa Monica-based advertising agency Mistress.

She’s most recently led vision board workshops at Unplug meditation studio in Los Angeles, and happily resides in Venice Beach.

1. Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Body Lotion

I’ve been loyal to this lotion since I was a teenager – it smells amazing ( like coconut!), is super smooth, fast-absorbing and natural.

2. Oil of Oregano

During the cold season, I can’t recommend oil of oregano enough! It’s a boundary medicine, so it’s antibacterial qualities can help clear up whatever you’ve got. The oil itself has a pretty intense flavor, so some people like to mix it in with juice. Moon Juice in Venice offers oil of oregano  as an addition to their famous anti-inflammatory Tumeric Cup, which is also good if you feel yourself catching a bug.

3. Barre at Pop Physique

While I’ve been an avid yogi for over a decade now, I still love trying new studio classes off the mat. When I came across barre, I first thought the moves looked, well, just funny – then about 10 minutes later realized just how challenging those funny looking moves were! I’ve been hooked ever since, and love the way it makes me feel and offers a nice change up when I’m looking for a class more focused on muscle toning than my regular Vinyasa.  

4. Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

This jacket has saved my life in cold winter getaways. It’s thin but keeps you warm and dry through their PrimaLoft insulation and DWR treatment. Even better, Patagonia has been a longtime supporter of 1% for the Planet, an alliance of businesses that pledge 1% of their sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

5. The 5 Book

This book was given to me when I was 20 and helped jumpstart my interest in intention setting as a way of creating the life I want. It’s starts off with a simple idea: The next five years can be the most exciting and satisfying years of your life—or just another five years. What will you make of it?

Through thought-provoking quotes, stories and exercises, it helps the reader start thinking about what they would like to see in their future, and how to make a plan to get there. While I know we can’t predict the future, simply focusing your thoughts in small exercises like this can help head you in the direction that is right for you – and I keep coming back to it as I enter a new year.

6. Forager 2013 Chardonnay

Anyone who knows me knows I like my wine (hey, balance!). I was never a big chardonnay person until recently, when I discovered this amazing bottle at my local wine shop, Simon’s. It’s buttery and oaky without tasting like you’re drinking a bag of wood chips. If you’re looking to try this varietal, Forager is a great place to start – especially in the winter months when we tend to crave a warmer experience over a more crispy, dry white like a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio.

7. Sun Valley, Idaho

I’m lucky enough to visit my parents in Sun Valley a couple times a year. The area’s natural beauty is jaw dropping. And while it’s known for it’s world class skiing, Sun Valley is also paradise year round for hiking, mountain biking and fishing. To balance out that active lifestyle, it’s filled with great restaurants and bars like The Pioneer Saloon and The Cellar Pub, and of course- countless friendly people.

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