Do you believe in magic? Dare you say no? Most of us probably have some hesitation in declaring that we in fact do believe in magic. Magic is a trick after all.  Isn’t it? The truth is you’ve probably experienced magic in your own life whether you recognize it as such or not. Life is magic.  

Whether or not you live near, or have ever been to Venice, CA you’ll be able to relate to this story.

Like anyone else I’m a hesitant believer. I have a reservation towards anything that is a little bit over-the-top or outside my realm of explanation. Fortunately my life affords me the opportunity to experience things that are out of my comfort zone, and often forces me to tap into something a bit more metaphysical. To fall into the magic, receive the presents that come from suspending disbelief and living in the present moment.

There is no place better to find this local magic than the new shop on Lincoln Boulevard- Late Sunday Afternoon. Friends and neighbors Matthew Schildkret & Thomas Brodhal founded the store together to create a space for community all within the cocoon and vibe of a late Sunday afternoon. The story is two fold.

First, there were beautiful handmade scarves, or prayer shawls, created by Matthew. The scarves are sold as cozy symbols, or ‘texture mantras’.  Created out of upcycled fabric, each is blessed and knotted to serve as a reminder to bless yourself and your mystery adventure. To step out of your story and into your life. The perfect addition to your personal narrative.

Second, there was the space to support the community and give a home to their movement United People– defined as A New Human Operating System, an update to the core ideas we use to navigate our lives. United People is attempting to shift the paradigm of how we achieve the most optimal human experience, compiling insights from all of history’s greatest minds. A space that believes in the best and the brightest of human potential.

Remarkably inspiring.

When you walk in the store, don’t be surprised to be greeted by a hug- or two, or four. You may find yourself sitting for hours pontificating on how to make the world a better place. Rest assured you will find it hard to leave.

The vibe of Venice is changing. Like many places it is rapidly becoming more homogenized, losing its grit, its creative flair. The art. The creativity. The roughness and the romance that comes from the underbelly. The smell of pot. That good old hippie magic.

Amidst the new gloss– the artistic community of Venice is still here and holding on.

If you find yourself in Venice, CA – go have a magical mystery adventure and pop into Late Sunday Afternoon.

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