It takes a compassionate and open heart to be in a space to give and to receive.

In this practice we open up the healing energy in the heart and cultivate the ability within to live from the heart, beyond our preferences, conveniences and inner tensions.

The heart shield meditation:


Right hand in Gyan Mudra (index finger and thumb together)

Left hand in front of the heart about 8 inches. Palm faces the heart and make sure all fingers are together and straight.




Sat Narayan wahe guru

Hari Narayan sat nam

Sat Narayan wahe guru

Hari Narayan sat nam

Chant 3-5-7 minutes, do not extend past 7 minutes.


Meditate with open awareness as your heart center adjusts your feelings with the boundaries of the self.

When this projection is balanced, you should experience tastes and sensations like a gourmet. There is a tendency to be a collector, to acquire things that will express your feelings and ideals. The positive feelings of the past are savored, repeated and refined. It becomes a way to feel who you are. It is an aesthetic of the personal past. At best this can lead to a storyteller, one who unites family and relationships from a sense of history and ancestors.

If this projection is too strong, the attachment tendency of ahangkar can dominate. Ahangkar is the transcendental ego, the fundamental principle active in nature and mind that creates boundaries, identity and attachment to things. It creates the sense of “me and mine” which is considered a fundamental tendency in the evolution of complexity and differentiation of objects and thoughts in the universe. When ahangkar dominates it devolves into a cloying nostalgia or an attachment to miseries of the past as a way to belong.

When this projection is too weak, you can lack the ability to set boundaries on the intense feelings of the past — you become entangled with them without distinguishing the positive and negative impacts of the past feelings. Or, with less ahangkar, you cannot rank your own experiences easily to set priorities. All of your experiences seem distanced or emotionally flat. You are a gourmet without strong opinions and with a blunted palate!

When you feel very tired and nothing is coming out, this is a tool. But, don’t overdo it! This is very sacred and very secret. Overdrinking nectar can sometimes give a bad belly. So, just do it 3 to 7 minutes in absolute calmness.

As you concentrate on the shield of the hand, you will feel a heat of powerful energy going through the hand to the Heart Center. Steer away from concentrating on the head.

Leave a note and tell us how you felt after this mantra!

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