We love sound baths at Poppy & Seed.

Have you been? They’re all the rage in LA and they’re glorious.

The truth is we’re surrounded by noise-pollution. Everywhere we go, there are loudspeakers, horns honking, voices screaming. We don’t realize how much toxicity we’re taking in. But we are—all the time.

Sound baths aim to correct this. It’s a passive experience. You’re led, while laying down, into a deep meditative state while a healer chimes a series of singing bowls that align with the chakras, tuning us to a higher vibration.

Like we said, magical.

So of course, we’d been angling to get to the desert to experience the sound baths of all sound baths: the Integratron. We’d heard only the most incredible things and we needed to check it out for ourselves.

Here’s the low down: the Integratron is a dome about 20 minutes outside of Joshua Tree in a town called Landers. The architecture is said to have been partly downloaded telepathically to its creator, George Van Tessel, an aeronautical engineer (he passed away in 1978) from extraterrestrials (not a typo—this is actually true). The location was chosen specifically for its geomagnetic power. The feeling is palpable the minute you enter.

Inside, the room smells of freshly lit palo santo, gently coaxing you into a meditative state. And so before the bath even began, we found ourselves in a deep calm.

What can we say? The experience is transcendent, unlike anything else. We left feeling both enraptured and serene. Seriously. We would go every weekend if we could. So if you have a chance to make it out there, go. You won’t regret it.

Just make sure you book in advance.

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