Hilary Pearlson, founder at Jewels of a Dreamer, has become a dear friend. We met in Manhattan this summer and instantly felt close. An incredible curator of all fine things, Hilary is also the most humble, loving, gorgeous girl both inside and out. Just feeling her presence will elevate your mood!

Hilary started Jewels of a Dreamer to share her love for conscious fashion, natural beauty, and holistic wellness. She’s currently in the process of creating The Dream Shop which will carry conscious curated goods from across the country. With a background in fashion, she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, she also coaches women to refine their personal style. Her goal is to create a closet that infuses positive energy into their lives and allows them to feel truly at home in their skin. Hilary is a huge advocate of self care and supports women on their journey. Find out the 7 jewels she brings along her journey.

  1. Kundalini Yoga: This year I fully and completely dedicated myself to Kundalini and my world has been forever transformed. It has woven its magic throughout my life as my greatest tool for healing, awareness, communication, and presence. The work I do with my Kundalini teacher Taylor EyeWalker consistently amazes and pushes me to understand myself + my journey in new ways.
  1. Flowers + plants: Buying myself flowers and plants is one of my favorite acts of self-care. As a double earth sign my love of nature is sometimes hard to come by in busy (and at this time of year cold) NYC. Picking up beautiful flowers and filling my space with plants helps me to feel happy and grounded.
  1. Connecting with women and creating community: I am constantly in awe of the women in my life and those that I meet and connect with every day. Through the online space, social media, and by attending events + spiritual gatherings in-person, the thread that connects this community of powerful, inspiring and supportive women never ceases to amaze me.
  1. Vintage dresses: I recently discovered my love of vintage shopping and the meditative process of exploring the racks and finding the perfect piece. I have been wearing my favorites with tights and boots this winter and birkenstocks throughout the warmer months. The ease, comfort and beauty makes me feel feminine, empowered, and ready for wherever the day may take me.
  1. Fermented foods + cultured veggies: No meal is complete without some form of this superfood on my plate. The healthy bacteria helps to maintain gut health and cultivate inner beauty. Nothing has been more effective in terms of my diet to maintain energy and vitality. I also highly recommend reading “The Body Ecology Diet” to learn more about the benefits of fermented foods and a balanced gut.
  1. Creating space for creativity: Writing and taking pictures for my site, Jewels of a Dreamer, is one of my greatest joys in life. I love starting with a small idea and seeing where my mind takes me through the creative process. Giving myself the space to express my creativity and share in the community is both healing and energizing for my soul.
  1. Natural beauty: When I made the decision to transition to a more natural beauty routine, I was suddenly introduced to a world of possibilities. From skincare to makeup, there are so many brands changing the way consumers think about beauty. They are creating products made from ingredients that we can feel good about while respecting our planet. I feel proud to support these businesses and to contribute to conscious consumerism. I also love discovering new products and sharing them within this thoughtful community. My current go-to places for new finds and restocking are CAP Beauty in NYC and TheDetoxMarket.com. A few current favorite brands include: Odacite, RMS Beauty, Lotus Wei, ILIA, Laurel Whole Plant Organics, Jiva Apoha, Pratima Skincare, Bottega Organica, and Vapour Beauty.

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