Finding Your Center with Kundalini Yoga

12.15.2015 Arts & Culture
Taylor Eyewalker
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Kundalini yoga has become the most profound practice for me. Through this technology, I found a way to balance my emotional state as a woman, think clearer more consolidated thoughts, birth many creative projects, and have healthier relationships. Singlehandedly, I centered myself so I could be who I truly came to this planet to become. I want this for everyone! Today I will share a practice that is very quick and simple. We will build our electromagnetic frequency so we have enough energy to handle what is in front of us at any time. This exercise transforms the brain and supports in controlling its functions. The lymph and nervous systems are tuned up and the pituitary gland is stimulated, causing the pineal gland to change the frequency and radiance of the magnetic field. In simpler terms, you will be more magnetic! Radiant! Attract healthy relationships and new friendships!

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