We are always inspired by women who pave the way in women’s health and education. The rich and vibrant culture that’s developing to support womenespecially during their time of pregnancy and giving birth, is so noble. One of these women is Paula Mallis. Paula is a certified doula and co-founder of The Birth Stories, a monthly circle for pregnant women and mothers to share their birthing and post-natal experiences. Passionately devoted to her own and others’ spiritual growth and awareness, she possesses a powerful capacity for holding space for women as they grow, heal, and evolve. She works in private practice in Venice, CA where she lives with her husband and daughter, Madeleine.
www.paulamallis.com IG: @paula_mallis @thebirthstories


1. I am currently reading “Many Lives Many Masters” by Brian L Weiss MD. This book is blowing my mind and heart wide open. This story confirms everything I have believed my entire life, but could never put into words.


2. Moon Pantry from Moon Juice. In the morning, I blend medicinal powders from Moon Juice into a smoothie. Blue Adaptogen Protein, Ashwaganga, Mucuna Pruriens, Cordyceps, Cacao, Maca, almond butter, a banana, and almond milk. This smoothie grounds and centers me for the entire day!


3. Poet Dress by Raquel Allegra. This dress is my staple. Comfortable and effortless. Raquel is all heart and I can feel that energy when I wear her line.


4. Women inspire me. The feminine energy inspires me in all forms. Whether she is giving birth to a baby, project, relationship, or a new part of herself—I am always in awe of her capabilities.


5. My daughter Madeleine and my husband Todd inspire me and show me what Love truly is and to be grateful every day for this gift in my life.


6. Smudge Sticks. I love ZenBunni Holy Smoke incense sticks. I burn them often to clear space and shift energy in my home. The scent is healing.


7. Kundalini Yoga. Whether I am teaching, practicing on my own, or dropping into a class at RAMA Institute, Kundalini yoga has been a pivotal tool in my spiritual practice. Since 2009, I have been practicing this lineage of yoga and it has transformed my life. I am inspired and honored to teach pregnant mammas and mothers this technology to support their experience and journey from conscious conception into motherhood.

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