Nicole Granato is a certified Health and Wellness Coach with a passion for helping people enhance their overall quality of life. All things we subscribe to wholeheartedly. She believes that while leading a healthy lifestyle is important, there is much more to it than just diet. Health and wellness is about living with vitality and feeling full of life! Yes! We’re inspired by her mission to improve lives on all levels. She specifically focuses on curing and treating people with polycystic ovarian syndrome based on her own healing experience.

We are so happy to have this beauty be a part of this issue. Thank you Nicole! xx

1. Weleda – Skin Food

There is not a single hand cream that I can say I really love like I do with Weleda Skin Food. The smell is everything mixed with the incredible moisture that it gives your skin. I love rubbing it in my hands and then taking them and gently pressing them against my face and neck for a little glow and hydration mid-day.

2. RMS Beauty Make Up

I love every single product from this company. I hardly wear any makeup, but I do love the “Un” Cover-up for under my eyes and the Lip2Cheek balms! I love that the ingredients are 100% organic and make my skin look glowing all night.

3. My Dog

Brando is my little prince. We go on walks every day, which allows for some puppy time as well as meditation. He really brings so much joy to my life!

4. Sam Smith / Mumford and Sons

Sam Smith has been on repeat lately. I absolutely love his voice, music, lyrics and really everything about him as an artist. Mumford and Sons are always a good idea as well.

5. Essential Oil Diffuser

I love my Doterra Essential Oil Diffuser with lavender and frankincense! It is fresh and calming all at the same time. I love keeping it on throughout my whole house and in the evening with a little more lavender before I jump into bed.

6. Mushroom Tea Blend from Shaman Shack

I have been drinking mushroom tea for two years and love how I feel. I have been drinking the 3 Immortals blend from Shaman Shack and can’t go a day without my body craving it! I took it with me through Europe this summer to help keep me energized and balanced!

7. Pablo Neruda

I have been reading Pablo Neruda’s poems since I was a young girl. I used to refer back to his poetry to help me learn about love! I manifested being loved the way he wrote. I still read his poetry on a weekly basis and keep a book of his on my nightstand.

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