That vital life force we all seek starts inside. If you’re anything like me, you grew up on candy and junk food — I totally used to eat Pop-Tarts & milk for breakfast (thanks Mom). Thankfully, theres a natural line of high-end nutraceutical products to save us all, called Elemental Wizdom!

Elemental Wizdom uses the purest bioavailable ingredients around — all without preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, sugars, gluten, yeast, soy, dairy, or casein. Finally, supplements we can trust!

We connected with Adam Ian, founder and alchemist behind Elemental Wizdom, at his seaside Malibu home, a.k.a The White Lotus Temple. We learned so much about the brand’s out-of-this-world strain of 17 Super Human Probiotics and Super Human Cleanzymes, as well as many other radical, life-changing goods. This conscious company knows exactly what we need to rebirth our bodies.

Less than five years ago Elemental Wizdom manifested their idea, and now their expansion seems limitless. Every single item is hand crafted, and inspiration is key in everything they do — they only generate the goods they want, need, and use. Wild Pollen Tincture, for example, helps balance sex hormones. Oralight toothpaste keeps teeth strong. Or, my personal favorite, the Metamorphosis — an immune-boosting antiviral and antimicrobial powder with 9 different medicinal mushrooms.

Adam is a lifelong experimenter (basically a wizard) and seeker of personal, mental, and physical health. He jokingly use to pop alotta pills while he worked for a vitamin company growing up, and from this, his curiosity only grew.

He was an OG Biohacker (before the word even existed). Growing up in a time without Google, he was left with many unanswered questions… ones he was lead to extensively research himself. (We’re talking crazy experiments like living off nothing but spirulina for 100 days!) He found that there just wasn’t enough good food out there — so he turned to supplements to replace what food was lacking.

Our diet is a reflection of our consciousness, or maybe it’s the other way around — our consciousness is a reflection of our diet. Either way, they affect each other more than we’re aware. The healing properties of Elemental Wizdom allow our bodies a chance to actually thrive and recover.

Elemental Wizdom defies the belief structure of fear-based medicine. Basically: be your own guru, listen to yourself, and do what works for you. If you haven’t noticed — the current system isn’t working. Elemental Wizdom knows we can strengthens our bodies and minds with their goods.

Elemental Wizdom builds basic fundamentals for maintaining optimal nutrition. They are ahead of the game in formulating high-vibe, high-quality wellness products and health food. Which is a rarity, as never compromising product or ethics for profit is not the norm with most companies.

The name? It comes from the innate wisdom found within all of us. Elemental Wizdom isn’t just about “them” — it’s about the elements. “It’s about the plants, we’re just stewards. It’s all alchemy,” says Adam.

Elemental Wizdom knows that nature can provide for all of us. If you want to really feed your body with all the nutrients it craves — this is the perfect product for you. No other company offers such sacred, nutrient-rich ingredients. Their impressive collection of superfood formulas, enzymes, probiotics, herbs, supplements, and wild crafted essential oils welcomes a much needed rebirth into vibrant health!

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