Finding organic, natural beauty products is tough. You’re lucky if a store carries a tiny selection tucked away in a far corner—and these barely make the cut for truly authentic, clean products. Unless you already know what you like, ordering online is far from convenient—experimenting can be impossibly expensive and you just don’t know what to expect. After stalking this brand on Instagram and having major FOMO when we couldn’t attend their pop-up, we finally made an excuse to fly across country + check out CAP Beauty—and we. are. obsessed.

CAP beauty: the chicest, high-integrity, high-end, and highly curated beauty shop—like ever. If you’re ever in the city, you MUST visit.

We met the glowing Kerrilynn Palmer (CAP Founder) to get the story on CAP’s beauty secrets. We sipped their creamy, delicious house elixir made with Sun Potion He Shou Wu, Tocos, and CAP Beauty coconut butter. This superfood beauty elixir nourishes our insides and makes our skin radiate—a CAP beauty secret exposed. It’s all about what you take in, so you can count on finding the best herbs and supplements in store to add to your beauty regiment. CAP stands for Clean And Pure, CAP’s philosophy: beauty is wellness and wellness is beauty.

This isn’t just a one woman business, Kerrilynn and her BFF for over 20 years, Cindy DiPrima, created this glamorous boutique. Not even open a year, but already so established + a part of the community (Valentine’s Day is their anniversary—so sweet). They don’t just offer the best quality organic + natural products, but they indulge us in incredible services like facials, massages, acupuncture, and even pre + postnatal specialties for the mommies out there. Nikki received the CAP signature 60-minute facial and her skin looked flawless. CAP knows no two skin care regiments should be the same and so only share what they think will work for you—unique care for special gals.

CAP ain’t just a beauty store—I like to think of it as a healing space for our skin and our spirits. Offering morning meditations on sheepskins with crystals, and hosting pop up events like: how to find your spirit animal. Trunk shows with experts in organic beauty happen on the reg—people like Nitsa Citrine of Sun Potion, Shirely Pinksonfrom makeup line W3llpeople, Dr. Robin Berlin from Parsley Health and many more guru goddesses.

Shopping at CAP is super easy—no time wondering what the ingredients on the back of the bottles mean. All the ladies who work on staff are super sweet, knowledgeable, and friendly. They take away all the guess work, we trust that everything here is as authentic and pure as it gets. So often we attack what we don’t like rather than heal it, especially our skin and body. We need to nourish both our internal & external to be truly radiant and CAP Beauty fully supports that mission. CAP Beauty, our favorite NYC luxury beauty store—full of products that help us to be our most authentic beautiful selves.

If you can’t make it to NYC anytime soon, you absolutely must go to the CAP Beauty pop up at Jenni Kayne Nov 8th-14th in LA.

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