There’s no better time to road trip over to California wine country than October—the most beautiful time of the year, right after the summer harvest. Even better than visiting just any winery, we found SCRIBE—a winery that gets our vibe—laid back, community-driven, super intimate, and a follower of organic practices. We knew we had to pack our bags and check it out ASAP.

SCRIBE is the kind of winery we all dream of owning one day. 250 acres total with 150 of those acres donated to a land trust and the rest of the property used for growing + harvesting grapes. At the top of a hill sits a white weathered house and a rustic cottage where you can find the offices, tasting room, and cellar. A green lawn with a killer view overlooking the vineyard and the rest of Sonoma county holds seating at old farm tables plus designated areas to grab a blanket and a bottle of wine to enjoy the sunset. All visits are appointment only—with your own educator who shares information about the wine, vineyard, and who answers any questions. Did we mention complimentary cheese plates? All ingredients are sourced from their own garden, the farmers market down the street, or the local “stone fruit guy” who has insanely delicious peaches this time of year.



SCRIBE is all about the story of the land—and this story requires a bit of a history lesson. In 1858, the Dresel brothers founded the same land that is now SCRIBE—Emil Dresel was the superintendent of the Buena Vista Vinicultural Society (BVVS), and both brothers were considered pioneer Sonoma wine-makers. BVVS basically existed to spread the word of all things vino—advanced growing techniques and the instant gratification experienced through sensory, social, and cultural benefits. But then came prohibition…and the discontinuation of making wine.

Flash forward to 2007, when SCRIBE founders and brothers Andrew and Adam Mariani, who happen to be 4th generation nut farmers, purchased the land (which had been turned into a turkey farm). They turned up and prepped the land to return to its wine-making roots. In this case, it’s a good thing history has decided to repeat itself. The Scribe Viticultural Society (SVS) + Scribe Estate are changing the Sonoma wine scene—for the better! A winery for the cool kids was long overdue.

We love that community is a big part of SCRIBE’s vision. They collaborate with restaurants around the country to host city events with wine and snacks. Four times a year they hold SCRIBE Viticultural Society events at the winery where they host dinners and work with chefs. This year they invited a series of international chefs to create a menu with SCRIBE wines and pairing suggestions.

Scribe Winery-2

I’m not a big drinker in general, but if I do indulge it would definitely be in a full bodied cab—smooth, buttery and oaky, but again let me reiterate that I rarely drink. After my visit at SCRIBE, I am now totally hooked. A proud new member of the SVS + I already can’t wait for their next rosé to debut in 2016. I’ve made a goal to venture out to the Bay Area every other month, just for another taste of SCRIBE.

Trust us when we say this is a game-changing winery that you must visit! Check out their site and make an appointment—this is definitely the time to go.

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