Ultra hot and uber cool—we have a total girl crush on Rose Theodora. Rose’s innovative approach to readings is not only personalized for each client, but she believes astrology should be fun, open, aesthetic, and empowering. Rose has been a pioneer in the field of color astrology, which has gained her recognition in Vogue, InStyle, Seventeen Magazine, and more. Her vast knowledge of astrology is accompanied by a rich background of neuroscience and art, and is complemented by a degree in Art History from UCLA. She maintains a disciplined practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation. She is intuitive and has an innate understanding of human psychology and her wide breadth of expertise and sensitivity color her intimate readings and make her a SPOT ON astrologer.

“I’m passionate about astrology. I’ve studied it since I’ve been able to read and understand that we are influenced by more than our immediate environment. I’ve had amazing teachers and clients, all continue to teach me. I try not to limit astrology, or people by deducing them to a sun sign; I believe it’s restricting and naive to do so. Each person has a unique path, astrology simply helps you to navigate. Astrology for me is about choice and a path to change; it’s a way to heal yourself, to move forward with confidence, dignity, and self-love.”

Thank you Rose for sharing your vibe and elevating ours! xx

1. Music – all of it, if I had to pick one…recently, I fell in love with Midge Ure’s 1985 remix of “The Man Who Sold the World.” I love the 80’s and have an 8th house stellium, what can I say.

2. Goats milk olive oil soap – I am obsessed! The lilac and unscented are my favorites. Whenever I take a shower I feel confident that I am taking good care of my skin, it’s never dehydrated and smells delicious.

3. Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer – I don’t like to wear very much make-up and have used it for years, it’s coverage is flawless and allows my skin to breathe.

4. Marco Pelusi – anti frizz leave in conditioner – I honestly couldn’t go without this, it’s lightweight and makes my hair ridiculously soft.

5. My Maje leather jacket, or my Parker Blue cashmere sweater – I throw them over everything, they are perfectly worn-in and comforting.

6. Emerson’s poetry – No matter where I’m at in my life, or what I’m going through, his poetry resonates with me, his words completely center me.

7. Kundalini yoga at Yoga West – Sat Devbir’s Tuesday night class, or Guru Singh’s Humanology class Thursday evenings, both are deeply spiritual and I come out feeling renewed.

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