We’ve been loving healthy food goddess and entrepreneur Summer Sanders for quite some time now. Summer recently opened Local Juciery, a cold-pressed juice bar + superfood kitchen in Sedona, AZ. She is a certified raw food chef, author, blogger, plant-based health coach, mama, and wellness enthusiast.

Working in San Fransisco as a makeup artist and in the music industry took a tole on her health. Late nights, cocktail parties and music events packed on the pounds and monopolized her time, and soon she was disconnected from her spirit and her diet lacking a basic nutrient profile. Looking in the mirror one evening, she realized her body and soul needed a major shift. She yearned for true connection. Summer started her journey to optimal health immediately by shifting to a ‘plant strong’ diet, beginning daily meditation and consuming cold-pressed juices each morning. By grounding her diet in organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and juices, Summer felt alive again. This was the beginning of her journey into culinary and nutritional education. Her passion is helping others shift into a higher state of being though total mind, body and spirit connection. She’s a talented, cool new mama that constantly impresses us with her energy to get it done. We’ve love seeing what keeps your vibe so high!

1) Kejiwa Venus Love Spray. This is one of my favorite room and body sprays. My friend Illup is a total alchemist and created a outrageously beautiful line of wild-crafted sprays and tonics. Rose has always been a favorite sent of mine, but not everyone can capture the true rose essence. Kejiwa does. This spray lifts me up and cools me down.

2) Pure Greens Juice. I’m a mama to a little boy and a new business. My life force has been tested in the last year, I’ve really turned to juice to get my nutrients and energy. I turn to my super powered Pure Greens to get me though my long days. Completely nourishing.

3) Mara Hoffman One Piece. I’m in love with Mara Hoffman. The lovely ladies of Sakara Life turned me on to her and I can’t get enough. What I most love it my one piece swimsuit. I live in the desert, it’s hot and we spend a lot of time at the pool. It’s been strongly liberating to wear a one piece. When I was younger I always thought less was sexier, as I have matured a bit in taste and style, I’m really enjoying covering up a little more and leaving some to the imagination. So this suit just makes life fun at the pool. It’s kind of statement piece.

4) Audible. I’m a big book worm! My house is literally decorated with books. Again, this last year has been crazy… Having a toddler and opening a business have limited my quality book time. Audible has been good to me. While i’m working on things for my business I put my headphones in and listen to audio books. Life changer. Favorite read (or listen) right now is “Waking Up” by Sam Harris.

5) Colostrum. As an ex-hardcore raw vegan this was hard for me at first. After pregnancy my body was all out of sorts. I had a predominately vegan pregnancy and it was very healthy, but I leaned on fruits and carbs a lot. My digestive track was really off. I started using colostrom hesitantly, but had such amazing results, I’ve kind of made peace with it. I blend it into my daily cup of Yerba Mate, along with some tocos, mucuna puritans, stevia and himalayan crystal salt. Highly recommended!

6) Antidote Chocolate. This was recently given to me by a good friend, I eat a pretty low sugar diet so I was incredibly happy to find a chocolate that fit my dietary needs. The all raw bar is so good! It gave me the best chocolate high I’ve ever had. Seriously, better thank any cup of coffee I’ve ever had. It had sliver of dates for a hint of sweet, that’s all. Elegant and simple.

7) Alpha Brain. I decided to quit coffee (we’ll see how long this lasts!) about a month ago. I heard that Alpha Brain helps with the “uncomfortable’ phase of quitting so I started a bottle. It’s been incredible! I’m pretty amazed with the energy, focus and the lack of withdraw symptoms I’ve had. I love it because it’s not addictive and it actually enhances and repairs the brain. So into it!

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