We like the word cozy. How can you not? Coziness feels good.

Warm sweaters, warm fires, comfortable bedding, fuzzy slippers—we all know what cozy means: physical comfort.

But what we really like is the way the Danish use the word—hygge. Cozy is a rough translation or interpretation of hygge, but the Danes use it for absolutely everything, as truly the foundation of the Danish sentiment and soul. Comfort. My sister and I often use the phrase “to create ambiance” for everything from setting up your desk with a cup of tea in hand, to putting on a dinner party, or even setting up for a movie. Without knowing it, I now think this is probably very Danish of us.

In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. Candlelight (the Danes love them), warm fires (it’s cold there),  picnics (they have beautiful parks), hikes and bike rides (moderate exercise).  We will speak Cali and call it good vibes—and we love good vibes! People with good vibes, places with good vibes, days with good vibes…and yes—anything can have good vibes! We are committed to gravitating towards them. Hence our hashtag #attractinghealth

We will make the leap and call hygge foundational health. A healthy spirit. The importance to our mental and physical health to take the time to set up comfort, slow down, and consciously spend time with people, who also offer happiness and comfort, is critical to your daily routine. This is your daily meditation. From creating peace in your space to your thoughts, to enjoying good people—health and longevity comes from an attitude.  I think it’s interesting how often we ignore this emotion in the west. There is a reason that the Danish are one of the healthiest, happiest cultures on earth—and perhaps it’s hygee.

We (or those reading this site) might not be eating Danishes (?—had to) for breakfast, but if you’re gulping a green smoothie down in an atmosphere of chaos, well, that’s not very hygee, cozy, or healthy. It’s stressful!

Hygge is being mindful. Try to make it all feel nice—not just your pajamas!

It seems like the Danish know how to design, and know how to live. We’ll be adopting hygge for life.

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