Saturn, the old devil. Saturn gets a bad rap. It’s the disciplinarian, imposing limits to ensure that we learn our lessons. It’s through Saturn’s transits that we mature.


Saturn takes 28.5 years to travel the zodiac, spending about 2.5 years in every sign. It’s at this age that we experience what is referred to as our Saturn Return, when Saturn revisits the same point it was at our birth. This is a threshold moment. We may get married or divorced, become a parent, experience career advancement or embark on an entirely new career. Whatever transpires, we are now fully situated in adulthood–at least astrologically speaking.


For the past two and half years, Saturn has been traveling through Scorpio, sign of intimacy, shared resources, death and rebirth. Scorpio is where we merge with another, where we learn to exchange energy, be it emotional, financial and/or sexual. Lessons and karma pertaining to these themes have permeated the culture, both personally and collectively (Bill Cosby, anyone?).


On September 18th, Saturn moves forward into Sagittarius, where we’ll be confronted with our beliefs, our stories, and our truths. In Sagittarius, we’ve reconciled our shadow and are ready to face the world and to venture forth into new territory. Sagittarius is the archer, forever in search of meaning and purpose. It rules foreign travel, higher education and publishing, three powerful containers for expansion and growth. It’s the wisdom gleaned from experience, when our philosophies are put to the test. For example, we’ll likely see more news coverage of religion, education and publishing, as these institutions continue to adjust to our rapidly shifting world.


Personally, the following questions will likely come up and require thought and clarification:


  • What is your belief system?
  • Do you have a religion that speaks to you?
  • Do you have a philosophy?
  • What is your truth?
  • What is the story you are telling yourself and others?
  • What is your relationship to all things foreign–and to travel?
  • What role does humor play in your life?

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