Most often our old stories do nothing more than weigh us down, keeping us stuck in the past unable to move forward. So why is it so hard to let go? If they hold us back, why do we cling so firmly to those stinky habits, old relationships, and beat up beliefs? Why is it so hard for us to break free? The answer is simple… our brains like homeostasis. Our brains prefer the known to the unknown, the devil you know and all that. Some scientists say it harkens back to our primitive ancestors…when me, cavewoman, was asked to check out an unknown cave, me said, “Uh uh, no way, there could be saber-toothed tiger in there!”


As much as we evolve, learn and invent, we still have that primitive part of our brains striving to keep us safe, or rather, keep us the same. It’s up to us to consciously (the key word here) take control and choose to let go. Tapping is one of the most efficient and effective ways of bringing our subconscious dregs up to conscious awareness so that we can then choose our responses instead of automatically reacting.


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