Another LA Lady we absolutely love—– Kristin Dahl is an LA based nutritionist, chef, and author who offers a fresh take on holistic living in a modern world. Kristin specializes in consulting, plant-based cooking, and holistic wellness programs, including her newly released book, The Art of Wellness. She continuously empowers, educates, and motivates individuals to make the transformation to total and complete health. Her commitment to help others manifest change was inspired by her own personal transformation. Kirstin represents femininity, authenticity, and the spirit to create a beautiful life through living well. Thank you Kristin for sharing your vibe!

1. DAVID WHYTE–  Poet, author, and philosopher, David Whyte offers a realistic take on how our internal world interacts with the outer world. Whenever I’m in need of a thoughtful & poetic perspective, I listen to What To Remember When Waking. I’m also currently referencing his most recent book, Consolations. His work nourishes my soul and speaks to my true nature.

2.  ATAR GOLD FRAGRANCE SERUM– A natural, clean scent with no icky additives. This unisex formula enhances circulation, stimulates pheromones, and lifts your mood. The combination of sandalwood, bergamot, and black pepper smells absolutely divine!

3.  LECTIN FREE DIET – Lectin allergies are on the rise and lectin free diets may be the next wave of the health conscious community. Lectins are plant-based proteins that are highly concentrated in grains, beans, and gluten (hence the paleo & gluten-free trends). Those with an allergy often experience constant full body inflammation, major digestive problems, and early signs of arthritis. A friend was recently diagnosed with a severe lectin allergy, and I decided to join him on the healing journey to see how my body would respond.  I don’t suffer from any major health conditions but my body is highly sensitive. Since going lectin free a month ago, I have had more energy, my digestion has picked up, and I haven’t experienced any bloating, sensitivities, or reactions to foods.

4. HOT YOGA – Yoga has been a lifesaver for me over the years. It’s where I reground myself, feel into my body, and get clear and calm in my mind. A new studio has opened in Santa Monica called Sweat Yoga. They offer fun, athletic based classes where egos are checked at the door. The classes are an expansive, cleansing, and restorative way to start the day. I’m  also in love with their modern, indie playlists.

5. CONSCIOUS LOVING– This book is transforming the way that I move through all of my relationships. Though some of the language is dated, the fundamentals of this book are beginning to shift some deep-seated love, trust, and relationship issues for me. This book is a MUST for anyone wanting to take his/her relationships to the next level.

6. OMICA ORGANICS – Omica’s products are clean, nutrient rich, and responsibly sourced. I’m in love with their stevia and sunroot sweetener, both perfect alternatives to sugar when cooking or baking. I also love their fulvic acid, which is a fantastic electrolyte replenisher after hot yoga.

7. SOUNDS TRUE PODCASTS – Rich in cutting edge holistic health information and spiritual wisdom, these podcasts are insightful, heart-felt, and life changing. I’ve come across some incredible teachers, healers, and books through these talks. A beautiful resource for inspiration, growth, and spiritual development.

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