One of our most favorite forces in the women’s health community is our friend, Ashley Neese.

Ashley is a bold soul who empowers women to take good care of themselves. Her holistic offerings, women’s classes and lifestyle blog guide wellness seekers towards bringing their whole being into each moment so they can heal and be at peace. Ashley works with clients all over the world and loves sharing self care tips, spiritual musings and creative recipes on her website. Thank you Ashley for sharing your strength and soulfulness through everything that you do.


1. Building Community with Women

Women have been coming together for ages in celebration and healing. Last year I started facilitating women’s breathwork gatherings as a way to create meaningful community. These gatherings are an invitation for women to slow down, take really good care of themselves, feel the genuine support of other women and be seen and heard in powerful ways.


2. Saying No

When we learn to say no what we say yes to has a greater impact. As women we have a tendency to take on a great deal in all areas of our life. Learning the art of saying no helps us deepen our intuition and focus on what is really important.


3. Nourishing Broth

This broth completely changed the way I think about the energetics of food. I consider it a true miracle elixir.


4. Breathwork + Chanting

I started practicing yoga in my early 20’s as a way to tune into my body. Over the years my love for breathwork and chanting has grown so much. These are potent practices that I do most mornings to call in the day and begin from a place of balance and harmony.


5. Reiki

One of my go to energy healing practices. I give myself Reiki treatments most evenings and always feel  relaxed afterwards. I love giving and receiving Reiki because it is very gentle and loving.


6. Mudras

As women we  hold so much power in our hands. Mudras stimulate our glands, nerves and organs. By using specific hand positions on a consistent basis, we can communicate very clearly with our body and mind.


7. Slowing Down

Very much tied to ‘saying no’, slowing down is all about self care and enjoying the present moment.

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