au·ra /ˈôrə/ 


1. the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, place, or thing


Some people can see it…others can feel it. Our auras are electromagnetic fields that surround us everyday. It’s a vibrational frequency that we each own- and now we can actually see what it looks like.
Christina, the owner and founder of Radiant Human, is one cool chick – and she can capture auras through photography. She’s based in Portland, but lately she travels the states with her white spherical dome tent, hosting pop ups at stores we love like Otherwild in Echo Park, sets up at events like Mercado Sagrado, art galleries + even offices. She grew up in a commune to hippy parents and rebelled against her roots by joining the corporate world, eating white bread and ignoring her higher calling. Getting laid off from her corporate job was the best thing that ever happened to her, and that’s when she stumbled into aura photography.


Hand-built in the 1970’s and one of only a hundred, Christina’s aura camera matches each vibrational frequency to a corresponding color. Basically, you place your hands on the sensors connected to the camera, it reads your aura, + assigns a color for each “frequency” it senses. After holding still for the camera (don’t smile unless you plan on holding it for 10 seconds) Christina hands you a Polaroid revealing your aura. She spends a few minutes explaining each color and the meaning behind where the colors are around you.


When Christina toured California, we had to go meet her and check out the camera for ourselves, especially because during Nikki’s “I want to be a hippy” phase, she convinced herself she could see people’s auras by staring at their forehead for a few minutes. So we all went to Otherwild, and it was packed with people- all curious to see their auras. We signed up and it was a three-hour wait; enough time to go check out the newly opened Cafe Gratitude in the LA Arts District.


Finally our turn came around. One of us nervously joked that her aura might turn black. Thankfully though our Polaroids came back with vibrant colors—maybe our karma isn’t as bad at we thought!

It’s really up to you what you take from the aura reading, but the whole experience is a Poppy and Seed must- and we can’t wait for Christina to come back.

Follow Radiant Human to see when she may be traveling through your neck of the woods.



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