We met Melissa Parke Rousseau of M.Parke Studio while visiting SF and felt like old friends reconnecting —she’s one of those rare humans you can tell your life story to the second you meet; such an inviting, sweet soul! We are always inspired by her knowledge of skincare recipes and most of all, her curation of vintage dresses—they always sell out! 

Melissa is a Healing Nutrition Specialist, Massage Therapist + Reiki Practitioner, Jewelry Designer, Late Stage Lyme Disease Warrior, Writer, and Founder of M.Parke Studio, a holistic lifestyle studio for nourishing mind, body, and spirit. Her M.Parke Shop is passionately curated with vintage clothing, accessories, organic beauty products, and wellness tools.

1.     DAILY EARTHING with my dog YULA ROSE – my promise to myself for daily earthing has been a turning point in my healing. Absorbing the earth’s powerful energy and infusing it with my own meditation, mantras, and intentions is a ritual that is enhancing my journey on such a deep level. It is one of the main things I recommend to all people struggling with chronic + severe illness. And my Yula gets me outside no matter what. She is such a vibrant lover of life, my inspiration, and little joy reminder.

2.     TURMERIC ELIXIR made with Spring Dragon Gynostemma Tea + Sunpotion’s Prash – anti-inflammatory turmeric combined with the calming, anti-aging immune boosting Gynostemma Tea is a powerhouse of a morning drink. I then add 1-2t of Sunpotion’s Prash, with it’s unbelievable blend of tonic herbs, ghee, + honey to help transport all these amazing nutrients into my cells. 

3.     EGYPTIAN MAGIC – such an incredibly healing balm. I’ve been using this for years and just adore it’s therapeutic blend of Olive Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Propolis Extract, + Royal Jelly to keep my skin soft and hydrated.  I also use it on the ends of my hair and as an eye cream.

4.     SISTER SPINSTER THIRD EYE ESSENCE – a vibrational remedy that strengthens intuition and psychic powers. I apply this onto my third eye and my pillow before sleep to enhance my dreams and sleeping downloads. 

5.     TRUE NATURE BOTANICALS NIGHT RETINOL SERUM mixed with their VITAMIN C CAPS – a brilliantly effective, but all natural + gentle combination for overnight healing, increased collagen production, repair of damaged skin, brightening, and evening out of my complexion.  

6.     SESSIONS ON MY BIOMAT  – my Biomat has been such a vital tool in my Lyme journey for managing my pain levels. It is packed with rows of powerful healing amethyst and tourmaline crystals that actually help to convert regular heat into Far Infrared heat. Far Infrared heat penetrates much deeper into the body safely. It increases circulation, supports the body’s core temperature, relieves stress, stabilizes moods, alleviates pain, heals soft tissue injuries, helps the body to detoxify, and also at higher temperatures allows your body to reach artificial fever, which can be crucial for curing certain diseases.

7.     DON MIGUEL RUIZ’S THE FOUR AGREEMENTS – I re-read this every few months or listen to it in the car. It is a thoughtful and practical guide + reminder to keep your ego in check and how to be free of self-limiting beliefs.

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