Jupiter’s Gifts: The Nuts and Bolts of Jupiter in Virgo

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Danielle Beinstein
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I am an anti-hoarder. Minimalist to the extreme, I have either given away (or been forced to give away, read: bed bugs) all of my belongings three times in my life. It may be a reaction to my upbringing (my parents love stuff), but it’s also astrology. I have Jupiter conjunct my Sun in Virgo (I also have Saturn there). In other words, I benefit (Jupiter) from simplifying my lifestyle (Virgo) and from serving others (also Virgo).


Jupiter is the planet of expansion, good cheer, and luck, taking twelve years to circle around the zodiac. Wherever Jupiter sits in your chart is where you experience a boost. Jupiter in Taurus, for example, benefits from rooting into the earth, from blooming where planted. Conversely, Jupiter in Sagittarius benefits from travel and exploration.


For the past year, Jupiter has been in Leo, glamming it up and adding a twinge of drama to the collective mood, but on August 12th left Leo for Virgo, where it will remain for just over a year, until September 9, 2016, highlighting simplicity, health, service and modesty.


Virgo is the earth maiden, the harvest. In the northern hemisphere, it represents the end of summer, when the days are still long as we prepare for a new school year and the incoming autumn chill. It’s service oriented, interested in the daily tasks that make life manageable–preparing a meal, dusting and organizing the cabinets, de-cluttering and also the intelligence gleaned from self-reflection. Virgo energy is often efficient and orderly, if not physically, then intellectually and/or emotionally, seeking to create order out of chaos. Those who serve, who work to better their habits and health will experience a boost under this transit. Yet, because Jupiter also expands whatever it touches, we must be careful not to go into overdrive, to run ourselves amok, or become overly critical and analytical – all Virgo shadow behaviors.

Overall, those with Virgo and Pisces will see the most growth from this transit, but Gemini and Sagittarius will likely experience a shift as well. In general, this is a transit that favors the helpers and healers of the world.


Some themes to consider, especially with the Sun moving into Virgo on August 23rd, as well:

  • Organizing and De-Cluttering. You may want to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Condo to get in sync with this energy.
  • Meditation to calm an overactive mind, something Virgos are known for. It will help ease any critical tendencies as well, moving to a more compassionate place for self and others
  • Clean Your Gut. Virgo rules the digestive tract, so you may want to get a coffee enema or a colonic and fill your gut with good bacteria over the next year. Our bowels are, after all, our 2nd brain. As Virgo is also associated with the mind (Mercury-ruled), why not de-clutter both (see above).
  • Service. Virgo also rules service. How can you be of service to others? In what ways can you contribute to others’ growth and advancement? Those who support others will benefit tremendously under this transit.


Painting by Stella Maria Baer. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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