Desserts Spelled Backwards is Stressed!

08.04.2015 Uncategorized
Lena George
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Desserts Spelled Backwards is Stressed! It’s helpful to understand why we have cravings. Most of us long for sugary carbohydrates. Interesting enough, sugary carbohydrates help tryptophan (the “feel good hormone”) enter your brain. And guess what? Stress depletes tryptophan, so it’s no wonder you reach for carbohydrates when stressed! These days we’ve become so accustomed to stress, that it may be hard to recognize the connection between our cravings and the emotions that bring it on. The reality: we often eat when we feel uncomfortable emotions like anxiety that we’d rather avoid.

During tapping, we first get clear on what emotions trigger cravings. Then we introduce replacements, or rather, we discover what we’re really craving.

The power to banish cravings is at your fingertips.

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