We are as obsessed with KYPRIS Beauty founder Chase Polan as we are with her stunning products. Integrity is the name of the game behind everything she does.

Chase has always been an entrepreneur, a mentor and a champion of women at heart. Growing up visiting her grandparents’ farm in West Virginia, she learned quickly the virtues of hard work, that obsessing over ingredients is the only way to make products of excellent quality and most importantly, to respect the land so that it would continue to provide. It would be these values that Chase would ultimately link to well-being and skincare and would serve as the impetus to launching KYPRIS in 2012.

Thank you Chase for contributing your vibe to Poppy & Seed. You inspire us so much!

1. Urban Zen– Sustainable luxury is the only luxury I want.

2. Vapour’s Aura Multi Use Blush in Courtesan– It gives you a subtle glow like you just saw someone you love.

3. Coconut Kitchen– I love coconut oil on my skin and in my belly!

4. Reformation // The Westlake Dress– Sustainable fashion that I want to wear is so hard to find!

5. Monica Belluci as a Bond Babe and Caitlyn Jenner– They are evidence that our collective definition of Beauty is expanding.

6. Kaleidoscope– A local love serving yoga in a cup that has fueled many of my days. Founder, Alexandra Maw, is an organic, foodie goddess-genius.

7. My Daily Beauty Rituals-I feel so much better in life when I take time to care for myself….

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