What Blocks You From Self-Love? Today we’ll continue tapping into self-love. We’ll use a worksheet during our session today that you can download below. During our tapping session, you’ll fill in the sections so you can get really specific and clear what obstacles are on your path to self-love. With tapping, the more specific and tuned in you are the quicker you can clear issues.

Take your time filling in the worksheet and pausing the video as needed. Dig through all the different areas of your life — what obstacles are there at work, at home, in your relationships, in your beliefs about yourself? Also, look for any “if and thens” in your thoughts. For example, “If I had a better job, then I’d feel good about myself. If I weighed ___, then I could love my body. If I had a boyfriend, then I’d feel loved.” Self-love is unconditional and non-negotiable! It’s an all-in kind of thing.

Download the Self-Love Boulder Worksheet here

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