Just like sugar cravings, our other unwanted habits stem from stress and emotional triggers. Often we participate in these habits, when what we really long for is some stress relief, or an escape from boredom, or even a little time and space to ourselves. Wherever the root comes from, trying to quit the habit without addressing the trigger is like a tug of war with our will power.


Sometimes triggers are obvious and known to us. Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to uncover the emotions. One way to do so is to pay attention to our moods before, during, or after we partake. Noticing if particular events seem to bring the urge is another way to dig deeper.


When we’re attuned to the emotional root of our habits, we can often clear those urges completely in just a few rounds of tapping. Know that if the tapping doesn’t seem to be taking your number on the SUD scale in the right direction, we just haven’t reached the core of the issue or cleared all of the aspects and triggers for the unwanted habit. Keep going and dive deeper into self-exploration!


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