Mind What You’re Saying, Your Body Is Listening

07.21.2015 Uncategorized
Lena George
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The average person has around 60,000 thoughts per day and almost 90% are repetitive and recycled everyday (Dr. Fred Luskin- Stanford).

So—what are your repeated thoughts? What proportion of your thoughts is self-nurturing or uplifting?

If you suspect that the bulk of your thoughts are negative or critical, don’t be alarmed—it’s quite normal for us to tip toward the negative.

Dr. Russell Harris states that approximately 80% of our thoughts have some negative aspect. It’s simply part of our brain’s primitive self-protective function. At a primal level, we will avoid the stick more than we will seek out the carrot. This is most efficient for our survival, but not as helpful for our day-to-day interactions and activities.

Tapping is a great way to keep ourselves out of that primitive survival mode and get us into the higher executive functions of the brain, bringing our higher selves back online, where we can consciously choose our thoughts.When decisions are informed by our higher mind, they are more likely to lead to positive outcomes. Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, renowned emotional scientist, found that the positivity ratio that predicts flourishing is 3 to 1. Aim to generate three positive thoughts and feelings for each expression of negativity to go from languishing to flourishing!

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