Essential oils are gaining rapid popularity- even in the not-so holistic circles. Pyramid selling schemes seem to be the route to getting essential oils out to mass markets. Outside the brands you commonly find in health food stores, a few other companies dominate the market. As with most things, the quality and integrity of essential oils varies widely. As a consumer, it’s hard to assess, especially because brand standards for quality control of essential oils do not yet exist in the US. Your best approach is to research the brands you’re buying. If the price is low- it’s usually too good to be true. High quality essential oils will command a higher price- and it’s worth it. The efficacy of your oils depends on the quality.

Located in Santa Cruz, Elizabeth Van Buren is a company that defines quality and integrity. The founder, Elizabeth Jones, is a leading educator, healer, formulator, and advocate of using therapeutic essential oils for integrative medicine. Every essential oil sold is tested for purity and potency by GC/MS testing. This test guarantees correct chemotype, quality, and unadulteration-  so you know that you are getting 100% pure essential oil.

I use essential oils for just about everything.

My favorite daily routine is making a hot soak with grapefruit essential oil, ylang ylang, and sandalwood. This combination is mood lifting, stress relieving, a light aphrodisiac and relaxant. It also makes your bathroom smell intoxicating!

I reserve the lesser grade essential oils for my house cleaning. My favorite oil to sprinkle all over the kitchen and bathroom is peppermint oil. It smells so refreshing and clean, naturally cleanses and detoxifies your environment, and can help eliminate allergies from pet dander. I literally get told how good my house smells anytime someone comes over. Forget expensive candles and room spray- peppermint oil is the way to go!

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