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TAPPING: Meditation vs. Medication

Lena George
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“Meditation produced a greater reduction in pain, 40-57% than even morphine or other pain-relieving drugs, which typically reduce pain ratings by about 25%” —Dr. Zeiden

TAPPING: Meditation vs. Medication. I know firsthand the difficulty of living with chronic pain—I spent nine years in ever-increasing pain. I was told I had a high rheumatoid factor and could break out into a debilitating attack of rheumatoid arthritis at any moment. The pain and stiffness reached such great severities, it would take me an hour after waking before I could turn doorknobs or stand up straight. My entire body ached and I felt exhausted and depleted. In addition to the pervasive joint pain, I had IBS (an aggressive gut bacteria), thyroiditis, severe anemia, and vitamin deficiencies.

My body made me feel like I was 90 years old. I had to quit pilates and stop working out. Socializing grew more and more difficult and I began isolating myself. Emotionally, I was depleted and depressed. My whole life was consumed by this pain and fatigue, but I refused to take medication. I knew I needed to try everything before I went down that road of a lifetime of medication. After reading countless books on the brain and the mind-body relationship, I began studying hypnotherapy, holistic nutrition, and tapping. With the help of Donna Gates, I started taking certain supplements and tweaked my eating and lifestyle habits.

It’s been a long road, but so worth every second. I’m beyond grateful for tapping and mindfulness training. I now realize the harm I did to myself and my body with my thoughts and repressed, unprocessed emotions. My mission is to provide others with the tools to heal and thrive.

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