“Warning: Meditation may cause increased happiness, decreased stress, reduced anxiety, increased focus, higher test scores, optimism, better health and inner peace.”

– Unplug Meditation

Crisp, clean white walls welcome you as you enter Unplug Meditation Studio located in bustling West Los Angeles. Whether you are new to meditation or have a belt of experience, Unplug invites you to stop for a moment, quiet down, center yourself, and clear your mind. Unplug Meditation is unique in that it is a meditation only studio- no yoga, no exercise classes, no workout machines, no distractions. Suze Yalof Schwartz, founder, opened its doors in 2014. As a former Glamour fashion editor, Schwartz understands the need for meditation.



At the front desk sits an array of essential oils, crystals, flowers, information pamphlets, and class schedules. The walls hold inspirational books on meditation and mindfulness. No cellphones are allowed in the studio and if you do bring one, you are kindly asked to turn it off. The smallest beep can be a huge distraction. Adjustable black cushions are provided to create ultimate comfort during the visit.  Words like “calm” and “stillness” in bold letters hang on the wall to sweetly remind students why they are there.


UnplugMeditate-15On Saturday May 2nd, a special benefit meditation took place for nonprofit organization Imagine1Day at Unplug. Imagine1day’s goal is to provide, support, and implement quality education to Ethiopian adults and children. The connection between Unplug and Imagine1day brings together consciousness and mindfulness at home and far away.



Danielle Beinstein is an instructor at Unplug who also holds an MA in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis on consciousness, health, and healing. Beinstein organized and led the 45-minute meditation for a cause session. As the lights dimmed, Beinstein gently guided meditators to focus on breath awareness, inhaling and exhaling to experience the present moment. Meditators were also encouraged to choose an affirmation or a word to meditate towards. Beinstein invited the class to think about what they are grateful for, or to think of a significant person who brings them joy. Soft music played in the background, barely audible, while Beinstein’s voice helped to slow down thoughts and remind meditators to come back to their breath. The meditation ended when Beinstein lightly tapped a song bowl to wake students from their trance.

The healing benefits of meditation are endless. Meditation allows individuals to go inward and check in with their mind and body. It acknowledges the need to slow down racing thoughts and step into the present moment. Sitting still creates a newfound sense of peace, enabling meditators to effectively and efficiently organize their thought patterns. This organized state of mind allows meditators to finish more work in a shorter period of time and tune into the “little things” that enhance their lives and increase love, happiness, and abundance.
The studio offers a variety of classes ranging from traffic, family, tapping, breath and image work.

Classes typically run 30 to 45 minutes and time tends to quickly go by. Unplug Meditation believes and Poppy and Seed agrees that everyone needs to unplug to recharge, and that “once can change your day, and more can change your life.”



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