One of the most recent goddesses on our Instagram feed is one half of the tonic fairies behind our favorite remedies- Sun Potion – Nitsa Citrine. Nitsa has a stunningly cool vibe that is magical in every way. Thank you so much for sharing everything we need to BE INSPIRED!

Nitsa is an artist, lover of tea, high-vibe foods, and holistic lifestyle, currently serving as the Creative Director of Sun Potion | Transformational Foods

Born in Big Sur, she now lives in Santa Barbara, CA with her fiancé Scott Linde (founder of Sun Potion). With a background in film- turned yoga + healing arts- Nitsa is passionate about connecting the worlds of health, beautiful food, sustainable fashion, and art. When she is not traveling or designing new labels for Sun Potion, she may be found taking photos or writing poems in the garden.

1- Aged Puerh – 
Living Tea

2- My camera(s) – canon + minolta

3- Rainbow Wool Scarf –  my friend Taiana hand-felted and custom made for me – its like a white rainbow dragon I wrap all around and over me – I am in Love.

4- Reishi Mushroom, sun potion

5- Love and Other Difficulties a collection of poems and prose by Rainer Maria Rilke

6- Rose Aloe Toner by BENSHEN

7- Nasal Essential Oil + Salt Inhaler from Nadine Artemis of Living Libations (I currently have peppermint + eucalyptus + a dash of vetiver in there to open up the respiratory system and ground me)

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