Beliefs are the maps we use to define and navigate the world. They shape our neural pathways and determine our feelings, our responses, and how our bodies function. Beliefs shape our reality and yet, are not facts, they are feelings, and feelings can be changed.

Belief – n. The feeling of being certain that something exists or is true. — Cambridge Dictionary.

Limiting beliefs hold us back and empowering beliefs propel us forward. Most often our limiting beliefs are functioning below conscious awareness. They are the cause of negative emotions and they are the source of unhappiness.

To help identify limiting beliefs, look at where you’re having difficulty. If you’re struggling with weight loss, how do you feel about it? Fearful? Sad? What is the belief right below the feeling? For fear, perhaps it’s the belief that you won’t be loved if you aren’t skinny. For sadness, perhaps the belief is that something is wrong with you.

Write down at least 10 limiting beliefs you have about yourself. While we tap, keep the list in front of you as a reminder of the specific limiting beliefs that you’re in the process of clearing.

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