The Garden of Herbal Delights….Imagine a secret garden filled with the most potent and magical healing herbs. A glorious revelation as to all of the medicinal powers found in nature. Organic, biodynamic, and the purest of pure. That is Avena Botanicals.

I first discovered Avena Botanicals while living on the coast of Maine. I walked into the local co-op and spontaneously purchased their “Lung Tonic.”  I’ve had asthma my entire life and despite my interest in natural health, I hadn’t experimented very much with herbal tinctures. I was quickly shocked by the efficacy of this product- my lungs were virtually transformed. It was at this moment that I recognized the healing powers of herbs. I instantly turned into a committed believer- and to this day, I still use the Avena Botanicals Lung Tonic to treat my asthma. This particular tincture is a decoction of astragalus, marshmallow, mullein leaf, reishi, and schisandra- an immune boosting, heart and lung strengthening combination. I have experimented over the years with many of their tinctures and truly, you can not go wrong.


Avena Botanicals was founded by one of the country’s leading herbalists, Deb Soule. The quality and integrity behind these small batch crafted products is unparalleled to anything that I’ve found. The art and science behind what herbs can do is MAGIC. We can only hope that these healing powers become more widely acknowledged and embraced!

Some of our favorite products are:

  • Lung Tonic
  • Avena’s Elixir- supports the nervous system and calms the mind
  • Be Calm
  • Moon Ease
  • Rose Petal Elixir



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